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was born as an idea of ​​our director, whose vocation began in the fashion sector in 1999. After many years of work in the sector, the step from the fashion sector to that of models was inevitable.

He dreams of starting a new sales style That would unite the world of online clothing sales and model agency that was at the forefront of change, embraced diversity, celebrate gender empowerment, and believe inequality. He has a vision of an agency that conducts business with dignity and also respect, nourishment, and assistance to models to become strong, confident, and independent individuals. He wants to create a safe, respectable, reliable, loyal, open, and honest agency with a community-style, both for customers and for models. And so the dream becomes reality when POSTALMARKET 2.0 Ltd. is born.

Our models (they are our dreamers!) Have close collaborative relationships with our booking team and are able to discuss any problem, question, or problem at any time and with the awareness that it is an honest, open forum and non-judgmental. We help allow them to become independent with their finances and diary management, to become strong and confident artists when they enter a casting situation and to show compassion, respect, pride, and professionalism in every assignment. A POSTALMARKET 2.0 model leaves a lasting, long, and positive impression and they are certainly memorable when they enter a Cast situation or are on set!

We are proud of the POSTALMARKET 2.0 Community that we have created and this positivity and professionalism is what has made our Customer happy and confident in our abilities and has made our creative, positive, and successful shots.

The main feature behind the structure of the agency is our experienced booking team, which goes beyond our customers and models. As the saying goes "Fashion never sleeps" and neither do we! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if necessary, to ensure the proper progress of the project and the deadline. Our expert bookers all work in the Model sector and are invaluably equipped to be able to choose the right model for your brand. We work with speed, efficiency, organization, dedication, and above all ethics and professionalism.

As a model agency but also as a catalog, we are committed to building and cultivating our business relationships and we are proud to work with many of the same customers and brands over the past 20 years! We also love and are very focused on building invaluable relationships with new customers and as an agency we are proud of the ethics of working closely with you. This is especially relevant so that we can meet every element of the requirements of your project. And since each brand is assigned a dedicated booker, this means that there is constant direct contact in case of questions or changes. It also means that we can keep you updated at any time with the progress of the project, which means that you have all the peace and relaxation that your brief is in good hands.

We are proud to be known as a 360 ° Fashion Catalog with its own model agency and to satisfy the ever-changing needs and requirements in the fashion, commercial and digital sectors. In addition to our London-based headquarters, we welcomed the expansion of another office in Birmingham 2020.

Clients include photo shoots and commercials. with all the POSTALMARKET 2.0 partners Clothing and accessories signed by over 3000 Italian and international brands. 


With our knowledge and expertise as a fashion catalog, we can offer you a professional, experienced, and dedicated team to ensure the success of each service or event. 


Call us to chat with our friendly booking team about your brief and your requirements at 0044079184716 or write to our email info@postalmarket20shop.com. 


We are looking forward to hearing from you and are waiting for your call, so join the POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models family!



More than a brand, more than an online shop. owned by POSTALMARKET 2.0 Company Limited, a Catalog of wishes, which has always dressed millions of families, telling and representing Italian fashion through sales, specializing in the retail sale of products of famous and prestigious brands that you find in thee-commerce of POSTALMARKET 2.0 Shop at discounted prices, is updated every week with new arrivals signed to be delivered to our customers in less than 72 hours. POSTALMARKET 2.0 Shop was born in 2018 from the experience of a Made in Italy group, from an idea by Alessandro Figus founder and president of POSTALMARKET 2.0 LTD, with a business model in "Dropship", born in America over ten years ago aims to become the first European B2C electronic market in the field of original gifts and online fashion. www.postalmarket20.shop What will you find in the catalog? Simple: everything you are looking for, for your home and for the people you love, with a selection of products that satisfy all tastes and budgets, with a surprising quality/price ratio. 





Whether you have a casual, elegant or sporty style, all the fashion you want is just a click away, with a wide range of products for all ages, both for women and men, with low-cost lines and big names, the latest trends, and timeless classics. www.postalmarket20.shop Must-haves, quality, new proposals, and varieties are the keywords that characterize the POSTALMARKET 2.0 Shop offer on clothing, shoes, bags, small leather goods, jewelry, and other accessories to create perfect looks for every season, both during the day and on important occasions. All to discover, all to love! 



And for the house? A wide selection of products for your home. All in the name of detail and utility refinement.



At POSTALMARKET 2.0 Shop we want to help make your life better and make you feel good. For this reason, we take care of you by offering you a rich selection of products for face and body, cosmetics and perfumery, but also accessories that you can use every day in your life. 



The digital catalog, intuitive and easy to "browse", will really simplify your purchases! At affordable prices all year round and the vast and up-to-date range of products, there is the possibility of buying in total security, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, choosing the most convenient payment method for you, including the possibility to pay directly on delivery. POSTALMARKET 2.0 Shop offers a wide range of new products and original inventions for telesales, articles for jokes, gadgets, electronic devices, small appliances, kitchen products, products for the home, products for health and beauty, etc. We deal directly with companies, so we get the best price, minimizing brokerage costs. We are currently considered one of the most prestigious e-commerce companies, by a large number of manufacturers and multinationals in the sector who have already trusted POSTALMARKET 2.0 Shop which stands out for being a young and dynamic company, with a staff of highly qualified professionals and last generation logistics facilities in the city of Birmingham (United Kingdom) Valencia (Spain), Turin (Italy) Sardinia  (Italy). These are the requirements that make POSTALMARKET 2.0 Shop the main supplier of thousands of customers, especially in Europe. POSTALMARKET 2.0 Shop 




Currently POSTALMARKET 2.0 Shop Specialized online catalog. Fashion outlet big names:


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Follow POSTALMARKET 2.0 Shop also on the Blog and on Social Networks, where our team of fashion, beauty, and design experts daily offers news, suggestions, and current trends to make your personal style and that of your unique home. A real guide that will facilitate your purchases in the online catalog! guaranteed quality; the money-back guarantee: POSTALMARKET 2.0 Shop will refund the purchase price and the costs of (re) shipment; savings the convenience of buying "at any time: in the evening, on Sunday, everyone in the family"; the possibility of having "Milan in your home" the "modernity" of this way of making purchases. The catalog of your dreams is back and gives you the warmest welcome! 


Good shopping from the POSTALMARKET 2.0 Team.