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Watch the latest and greatest hits. Recommended for you, New Releases, Best Sellers, Best Deals of the Week, Most Viewed, Top Rated, etc. (Animation, detective stories, humor, music, horror, romance, science fiction, international cinema, sports, etc.). To view all the titles available in each category, click on the View all item and, on the new page opens, click on the poster of the title of your interest, so as to access its description and preview it with all the details. , like the storyline, the actors, the length, the language, the comments of other users, and related movies. Once you find the film you want to buy, click the From [price] button and choose the option of your interest between rental and purchase. The film will have no deadline. 

If, on the other hand, the option Book appears, it means that the chosen film is not yet available for viewing but you can still purchase it and watch it as soon as available (you can check the date of publication next to the item Expected date).

After choosing whether to rent, buy or book the film, if available, also choose the quality between HD (high definition) and SD (standard definition) and complete your purchase by clicking on the option of your interest between [price] HD and [ price] SD. On the newly opened page, enter your credit card details (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted) 

in the fields, Card number, MM / YY (with the expiry date) and CVV, check that the data are shown in the fields Cardholder Name, Address, Postal code, City and Province are correct and press the Pay Now button to complete the payment and purchase the selected film.

Alternatively, you can also pay with PayPal by clicking on the Add a credit or debit card option and placing a checkmark next to the PayPal item. Press, then, on the Pay Now button, enter your PayPal account data in the Email address and Password fields and click on the Login and Accept button and continue to complete your purchase.

Now, go back to the main YouTube page, click on the Purchase item in the left sidebar and click on the previously purchased movie to start playing it.

Purchase movies on POSTALMARKET 2.0 from smartphones and tablets
If you prefer to buy a movie on POSTALMARKET 2.0 from smartphones and tablets, you can download the official application of POSTALMARKET 2.0 for Android and iOS devices. It will be useful to know that in addition to buying new films, you can also access the list of purchases made with your Google account from your computer and start playing them.